The Coos Rhythm and Blues Quintet

Q: What do you get when you put 200 plus years of playing music experience in one room with the desire to play GREAT music?
A: The Coos Rhythm and Blues Quintet or CRBQ, that’s what.
Musicians search and hunt around and hide behind speakers in clubs and bars year after year in hopes that they’ll find “JUST” the right people to play with. It’s an age old practice that goes back even as far as maybe some guy like Beethoven. It’s not easy, it takes great tenacity and grit but one day ‘maybe’, just one day maybe he/she finds the key that unlocks the magical musician vault. There really is one by the way. And, many times over it’s happened with great success. Take those guys called The Beatles or The Mahavishnu Orchestra or Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, or The Supremes. It’s all just a matter of hard work to learn the craft and a sprinkling of GREAT LUCK.
And that’s where we are now….
The Coos Rhythm and Blues Quintet also has a cadre of Special Guests that are “on the same page,” so to speak, who come around and play for special occasions. When that motor runs, levitation is possible. We call them Surprised Guests if for no other reason than everyone is very surprised when they get in the mix. Keep in mind a lot of this surprise is in the laughter that occurs when they “Q” up.
We’ve carefully chosen tunes, some of which are easily recognizable and well-known treated with our own twist, and others that are GEMS from the vast world of music that we feel will interest our fans.