August 25, 2015

Charlie freak

The funkiest band on the Oregon coast, Coos Bay’s own charlie freak is headed to the Brew fest! this power trio lays a funky twist to your favorite blues tunes as well as a mess of original Oregon coast fatback funk. If you have been up to coos bay in the past 30 years chances are you have run across these accomplished musicians: Earl Boots (guitar,vocals), Darren “Chumley” Sherley (bass) and Mike Carrillo (drums,vocals) in a local venue or annual festival. In the 6 years they have been together charlie freak has been a fixture in festivals and concerts. The band also has a yearly show in the the Oregon Coast Music Festival. With slap and pop fatback bass, amazing guitar work and a soulful singing drummer, charlie freak is sure to have you funkin da blues…